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Two Critical Internal Hurdles: Clear Them Now to Have a Great Recruitment Season

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Recruitment season is a flurry of activity and in many organizations, there never seems to be enough time to review, improve, make the process more seamless, and encourage more integration among current and new employees.  So today, let’s talk about how to position your company now to have a great recruitment season.

Recruitment planning happens in two phases

1 . The Long Game: Internal Preparation

Recruitment is not the same as sales. Whether you’re preparing for a career fair, recruitment season, or a huge product launch, how you brand your company matters.  The most successful companies recruit like they sell. That doesn’t mean recruiting is just like sales, it means the way that you prepare to recruit needs to be taken as seriously as any product launch.  To do this, recruiters need to do three things:

2. The Short-Term Game: Recruitment Season Specific Planning

If your company is playing the long-game, recruitment season preparation won’t be an issue. Follow these 6 strategies to position your company for an exceptional recruitment season.

Recruitment season can draw exceptional talent into your organization, but preparation is key.  Let us at JUMP Recruits help you make a bigger impact during your next recruitment season. Contact a representative to set up a discovery call today.

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