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The Difference Between Software Developers And Software Engineers

The Difference Between Software Developers And Software Engineers (It's More Than Just A Title)

Software developers and software engineers aren’t the same. They’re different occupations that need similar technical skills but have different functions. You should know the difference between them if you’re planning a future in the software industry. Software engineers are like architects, while software developers are like construction workers. The former design a project and outlines the steps needed to complete them. And the letter performs the tasks to complete the project. Both fields require strong technical skills, as well as good communication abilities. Which one you should become depends on your goals and skill set. 

Software Developer vs. Software Engineer

Software developers and engineers both contribute to a software’s life cycle development. So, they have a few overlapping responsibilities. The main difference between them is that software engineers work on all aspects of software development. Meanwhile, software developers focus on specific functions. 

Here are 4 specific differences between the two professions:

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What Do Software Developers Do?

In simple terms, software developers use their programming skills to write code for specific functions. For example, a software developer could write a function for how a character moves in a video game. The developer will work on that specific task. 

Software developers also document features, analyze concepts, optimize code, and fix bugs. They employ their creative problem-solving skills to create solutions for technical problems. 

They can also specialize in different software development life cycle areas. Front-end or back-end development, for instance. Compared to software engineers, they have a narrower scope of work. 

What Skills Do Software Developers Need?

Most recruiters want software developers who can write simple code that’s easy to maintain. They want enhanced code that elegantly executes its purpose without bugs. 

As such, the most important skill for software developers is to be experienced, programmers. Popular coding languages include Python, Java, and C++. Additional skills include experience with agile development systems. 

Creative thinking is also highly prized among software developers. The best software developers create simple but effective solutions for complex problems. They also have excellent work ethics and the ability to work smart and not just hard. 

What Are The Duties Of A Software Developer?

The primary duties of software developers are to understand client needs and write effective code to fulfill those needs. They use their programming skills to write software, which they then test, debug, and revise. 

Software developers are entrusted with the quality of their software. They’re also required to ensure consistent performance and improve user experience. 

A successful software developer writes simple code that completes a specific function as defined by the client without bugs. 

What Do Software Engineers Do?

Software engineers are the architects of a project. They use their technical engineering skills to design a project from top to bottom. They’ll outline every task needed to complete the project and its exact functions. 

Software engineers are responsible for the ‘big picture. Their job is to design and manage a project, ensuring the right product goes to the client. To achieve this role, software engineers have strong technical skills, including proficiency in programming languages. 

They’re also expert communicators who clearly define projects and tasks for their developers. A software engineer’s goal is to outline, delegate, and ensure the completion of a project according to the client’s needs. 

What Skills Do Software Engineers Need?

A software engineer needs a mix of technical and soft skills. On the technical side, software engineers need extensive knowledge of computer science and mathematics. The industry standard is for software engineers to be skilled in multiple programming languages, like Python, C++, and Javascript. 

As for soft skills, software engineers need to communicate tasks effectively to software developers. They need strong leadership skills, excellent communication, and management skills to achieve this goal. 

They also need strong analytical skills to devise solutions and judge a project’s development. 

What Are The Duties Of A Software Engineer?

The duties of a software engineer are to understand a project from top to bottom and then execute it. Software engineers start by clarifying their client’s wants from a project, including what features they need. 

They’ll create an outline for the project and delegate tasks to software developers. They also have to ensure the software developers properly complete tasks and design the applications according to the client’s needs. 

Software engineers usually collaborate with quality assurance (QA) teams to test code. Perhaps the most important duty of a software engineer is to ensure all bugs are removed from the final product. 

simply put, software engineers outline the tasks needed to complete a project using their engineering skills. Software engineers then execute the plan by delegating tasks to software developers and ensuring the project’s completion. In comparison, software developers are responsible for completing the tasks to finish the project. Software engineers mostly depend on technical engineering skills, while software developers employ creative problem-solving abilities. 

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