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How to Practice Self Compassion

This year has brought on an immense amount of stress on all of us. Yet, for some reason, we still have high expectations of ourselves. I know you still had goals for yourself and I know that new year’s resolution list wasn’t made for nothing. Those goals don’t go away just when you give yourself a break. Instead of self-criticism, which asks if you’re good enough, let’s try self-compassion, which asks, “what’s good for you?”

What Is Self-Compassion?

The name says it all.

Self-compassion is the act of showing oneself love, care, support, and compassion in times of failure, general inadequacies, or suffering of any other kind. It entails being warm towards oneself and providing an internal safe space for yourself to feel loved when things are not going as they should.

The discussion on self-compassion becomes very important not because we lack ways to be compassionate as humans. It is, rather, because we cannot often show this compassion to ourselves.

For example, it is easy for us to show up for someone who is going through a tough time with reassuring words. When we are in the same shoes, our minds are often overwhelmed by the negative situation that drowns out all the warmth that we should be drawing ourselves into also.

Why You Need Self-Compassion

If you need more convincing on why you need to purposefully focus on your self-compassion, though, self-esteem is a great place to start from.

Self-esteem issues do not always stem from external negative feedback. A measure of internal bullying would have happened to build the platform on which such external comments nest.

A contributor to such internal bullying is a lack of self-compassion.

Constantly berating yourself for not getting things right, beating yourself up for mistakes, and hating yourself for errors anyone can make is an example of internal bullying 

When you learn to accept yourself and provide solace to yourself in these times, you will develop a more positive outlook on such things. Then, you can repel external factors better and have better self-esteem to show for it.

With high self-esteem comes improved productivity, a better quality of life, and a sense of security, among other things. It is interesting how all of that is tied back to self-compassion, underlining how important this is.

Practice Self-Compassion

Now is as good a time as any to become more compassionate towards yourself.

You might not know it, but you might also not be actively putting yourself first or being compassionate enough to yourself.

Before you get started, you must be committed to mindfully practicing all that will take you to a higher level of self-compassion. Once that is established, do these:

Get Started Today

The best time to get started with self-compassion was yesterday. Fortunately, today is another fine day to start.

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