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A publicly traded international leader in the semiconductor space needed to enhance their pipeline of entry level talent for software development in business critical applications. The company needed options that would help them enhance their pipeline in bulk while also providing a good enough ROI that would keep their recruitment budget nimble.

One of the C-Suite level leaders in this organization had already been working with Jump Recruits on recruitment marketing advisory and content development- thus knowing of JUMP’s success in the recruitment space and it has been done for other companies in the past, set up the connection. 

The ask from the client was to bring candidates with a specific skill set into the funnel for a hiring event happening that summer, ultimately to transition into a hiring pipeline that would touch a variety of business units needing a similar stack. This client had diversity goals to meet and needed to make progress in this hiring event to achieve them.


Leveraging the internal knowledge already at hand from prior engagements, Jump Recruits made sure to utilize our experience with this client to the fullest advantage in the interest of time. This hiring push was time sensitive and any and all gains made in that regard were a big plus for the client. Jump Recruits came into the meeting ready with direct questions, got to the core of what this client needed and how they differed from the other units that Jump was working with before.

Teaming up with a C-level exec and a Senior Manager, the team was able to successfully calibrate and start the search as soon as possible. With this in mind, all parties were in sync and actively fielding candidates within 3 days.


With everything in place, Jump Recruits leveraged our existing talent community, as well as had our qualified and certified staff searched the market for passive candidates. A coordinated blast between our Talent Advisory and Marketing teams was able to get responses going and direct candidates to the event swiftly.

Jump was able to secure 148 invitations to the hiring event with just under a month of headway, including a high percentage of diverse representation (taking into account demographic information from the client and market data) within those being presented. This then translated to our client extending 12 offers and hiring 9 people.

This was a tremendous gain for our client, who was able to build a pipeline of diverse talent, meet their goals regarding growth, and do so while saving around 40% in costs compared to other vendors. This client would go on to continue using Jump Recruit’s services and leveraging the partnership to hire executive leaders in the coming year.

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