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8 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

8 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Are you wondering how to make your resume stand out among a pile on a recruiter’s desk? It is hard to be a part of a diverse workforce in today’s competitive world, especially if you are just starting out! What makes it even more difficult is having a good resume that catches the eye of recruiters who are in charge of hiring diverse talent. At Jump Recruits, we got you covered! 

Listed below are some of the best ways to make your resume exceptional. 

#1 Highlight Your Uniqueness

Most recruiters get only a few minutes to glance at resumes that they receive. Without overcrowding the page, you should highlight your unique qualities by using powerful adjectives in two to three sentences. Use words that best describe your personality and qualities like “self-motivated”, “enterprising”, or “team player”. Be concise, but don’t forget to mention what sets you apart from the rest.

#2 Prove Your Worth

All employers want to know how you will bring worth to their organization, especially in a diverse workplace. Demonstrate how you contributed to positive changes and additions in your previous workplace/s and highlight it in your resume. 

It’s always a good idea to back up your achievements with numbers. For instance, you can show how you were instrumental in improving sales by 20% at your previous job. 

#3 Customize Your Resume

One of the best ways to get recruiters to take a look at your resume is to customize it and show hiring managers that you have the skills and talents that they are looking for. Maybe you are looking for a career change or want to switch back to an old career after taking a break, or after having tried another career. 

For instance, many moms take a break to raise kids and later want to be a part of women’s diversity in the workplace again. If you have a “Relevant Information” section in your resume, mention how you are the perfect fit for the job. Consider customizing your resume for each job that you apply to. 

#4 Exclude Irrelevant Information

Though it seems like a good idea to include as much information as possible, too much information will overcrowd your resume and important sections will not be highlighted. Most times, your resume should not exceed more than one page, unless it is necessary to explain more. 

Exclude jobs and other information that do not align with the goals or requirements of the company that you are currently applying for. Be selective about what information to include. 

#5 Format Your Resume Well

Use the right font size, a typeface that is easy to read, and equal spacing between lines. Try to make it as simple as possible to glance through your resume. In a diverse workplace, recruiters like to skim through resumes quickly so use bullet points, with short paragraphs and three to four lines each. 

Use headings as well as subheadings wherever applicable to break up chunks of text into a simpler and more organized format.

#6 Mention Keywords from the Original Job Posting

A good trick is to use the job advertisement as a guide when creating your resume. A resume that includes words from the job posting by a company will catch the attention of hiring managers and have better convincing power. 

Some firms use keyword searches when reviewing resumes. This makes it even more critical to include those specific keywords if you want to be considered for an interview. 

#8 Outline Your Social Media Profiles

As a part of recruitment marketing, many recruiting managers nowadays use social media to screen candidates. Provide your social media profile links on your resume to save them a step. Make sure your contact information is clear and that recruiters can easily reach out to you. If you already have some experience with a decent professional social presence, include the URLs for your LinkedIn page or Twitter account.

Your social media profiles can be a great way to showcase your experience and position as an expert in your area. Moreover, the hiring manager will also notice that you enjoy keeping up with current events in a world of diverse talent and are eager to learn more. 

Additionally, make sure to add a cover letter along with your resume. Here you can explain information that you were unable to elaborate in your resume. Including a cover letter will give you a competitive advantage over the rest and help your resume stand out in the crowd!

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