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Everything You Need to relieve your jobseeker’s burnout

Jobseekers burnout

By JUMP Recruits

Job search fatigue and burnout are real.

From jumping through job boards, editing your CV for the right resume, and crafting unique cover letters every time, it can all be so frustrating. That, and we have not even mentioned the possibility of multiple rejections before you find that one dream role to click.

In between job searching and getting the desired role, you always have to strive to keep your head up high. That could be challenging sometimes. With the suggestions below, it should be a lot less challenging than before.

Start Positive

The first step to killing the burnout starts in your head.

If you have ever felt like you are not ready to start job searching because you are not worthy of it, you are probably wrong. That is just some negative voice in your head.

Get rid of that first so that everything you do after doesn’t feel forced. When you get that voice out, replace it with positive assertions about how any company will be lucky to have you. Because, let’s face it, that is the truth.

Set Daily Goals

When seeking a new job, it is not uncommon to want to run through all the possible companies you can in little time. 

On the contrary, this is not efficient. 

It is much better to set daily goals and limits. These could be around:

With that, you always have time to refresh between the last session and the next one. It also ensures you don’t skim the important details for the sake of speed. You, instead, get ample time to understand each company before sending in your final application. 

Use a Template

HR Managers are not what they used to be. They are now highly trained professionals who can smell spam from a mile away. Once they detect that, it shows that you did not put any effort into the application and they will most likely not rate your application highly at all.

That said, though, there is nothing wrong with a template either.

If you are applying to a single industry/ niche, tailor your template such that you know the important things to mention in every cover letter/ application. The same can be done for different industries, with a different template per chosen niche. 

We have developed some email sample templates that you can use after you’ve had your first interview right here. 

No matter what you do, though, don’t get lazy to the point where you copy and paste your templates.

Working on the Perfect Resume?


We have seen enough resumes to know that there is nothing like the perfect one. Sure, there are great resumes, but there will always be one better. In the end, you are not entering a contest for the best resume anyways.

What makes a resume great is not how many hours you spend editing it and fine-tuning the choice of words. It is, rather, the ability of the resume to present the professional that it represents to a hiring manager.

These hiring managers have a lot on their plate. Besides having to look through a load of resumes, they also have other administrative tasks to perform. That is why you should not spend days on a resume that will only be looked at for mere minutes, at best.

Prepare for the Interview

The biggest cause of burnout when job searching might not be the lack of response from companies. It is a lack of response/ favorable response after getting into the interview room.

As much as you are preparing your applications, work on your interview questions also. 

When it comes to interviews, there is no one-size-fits-all. There are, however, some practices you can put in place to ensure you are more than halfway prepared before seeking out specific knowledge. 

You should check out some of our top interview resources here to get started. 

Jump Recruits

One of the main reasons for my Jobseeker’s burnout was the endless application process for each job. You have to submit, your resume, cover letter, and portfolio, and then fill out the official application with all the stuff that’s already covered in the resume.

Not with Jump Recruits. All you need is to fill out your user profile and submit your resume upon sign-up, then you’re done. Our website was designed so you can seamlessly search for jobs, with a higher rate of response.

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