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How to Research a Company Before Your Interview

How to Research a Company before your Interview

Researching a company before going for an interview could be the fine line that separates you from the pack of equally-skilled professionals vying for the position. Afterall, if it weren’t that important, career experts would not keep advising that you do so.

Researching a company is not quite as easy as it sounds. To help you better prepare for your next job interview, we have put together some pointers on how to research a company before your interview.

Why Research a Company Before an Interview?

The first reason why you should research a company before honoring their invite is to find out just how compatible you both are for one another. They could be in need of your specific skills, and still not be right for each other.

From your research, you will be able to establish how much of a cultural fit the company is for you. Your research can also be used to inform your interviewer why you’re a fit for the company. More than that, this is a great way to prepare questions you will be asking the interviewers and relate your skills to how you can be an asset to the company.  The internet is a massive hub for information and where you should start your research.

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1. LinkedIn

Most companies today have a professional profile on LinkedIn. You will be able to get even more information than you bargained for here. Everything ranging from connections, employees, achievements, awards, job postings and the likes will be out for you to see. The upside of a LinkedIn research is that you are able to discover any mutual connections. When this happens, reach out to that connection to put in a good word for you, give you insight into the company, or both.


2. Official Website

Navigate the company’s official website. Here you will find the company’s mission objectives, visions, and priorities. If there is a company news section attached to the website, search for information on production news, recent accolades, policy changes, and more.  

3. Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, have made it easier to find out about people and organizations online. A social media profile shows you what kind of customer outlook the company is working towards. More than that, it reveals how the company reacts to issues, what they are interested in online, and could even offer you some valuable company updates for your interview.

When you are done researching your potential future company, don’t forget to check off this list of important things to bring to an interview.

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