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How to Overcome Complacency in the Workplace

How to Overcome Complacency at Work

How to overcome complacency in the workplace? This does not occur overnight. There are many reasons that may cause its onset. Once you have observed the signs that you might be suffering from complacency in the workplace, try some of the following tips to change your narrative.

1. Do Something Creative

It doesn’t matter if you don a suit every day or work with a hard hat. There will be something out there that gets your creative juices flowing in line with your work. If you don’t have any ideas, seek out a coworker or supervisor for some recommendations.

2. Look for opportunities

This is not a call to change jobs at every turn. Rather, looking at new opportunities will help you discover what other companies offer and what skills they require from new recruits in your kind of role. That is usually a good wake-up call in helping you plan towards keeping up with industry standards.

3. Learn new skills

We don’t want to believe there is a job which doesn’t afford you the opportunity to learn something new. Even if you don’t totally love what you’re doing now, we are sure that there are some skills present within the scope of the job that could better shape your career in the future. Don’t hesitate to attend a conference, training or class.

4. Check in with your boss

One of the mistakes employees make is going on with their job in whatever way they are doing it until they get a very critical feedback from their bosses. Actively seek out your boss’ opinions on your performance regularly. Check in with your direct supervisor to see how productive your work is, what you can improve upon, and what you should keep doing.

5. Meet new people

Typically, when you interact with those who share the same interests and skills, you also improve on your own skillset. Building connections can also rekindle your own interests and drive within your trade.

6. Get another job

If you find out that even after the above suggestions, you are still not motivated by your work, it might be time to look for an opportunity elsewhere. You don’t need to stay in that role if it doesn’t challenge you and make you happy.

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So, how to overcome complacency in the workplace? Take this as your firsts steps and start looking to what’s out there for you!

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