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Career Path Changes: How to Choose a New Career Path

How to Choose Careers

You are at that point in your professional life when you feel your career path is just not working for you anymore. There is no age for this, and the stage is not a constant for all professionals. If you are yet unsure of whether it is time to make that career change, see this article for more help on that. For those that have made up their mind to move on from their old desks, we have for you some tips on how to choose a new career path.

1) Identify What Excites You

There is the possibility that your old job didn’t allow you to do more of the things that give you excitement. That is what you want to look for in the following position; else, you’ll be coming back to read this piece for the wrong reasons in a little while.

This is the point where you key into your natural talents, see how they tie up with your skills, and how much of a professional service you can offer with them.

2) Know How Much You Need to Learn

Even though the new wave of recruiters are not hung up on you having industry experience before filling some crucial positions, it is still an added advantage.

Get around to researching how much you will need to learn before you can better ease yourself into your dream position. That way, you’re better prepared for all kinds of learning curves.

3) Define Your Goals

So that you don’t end up dumping the next industry, identify what you want to get out of it. Money, position, and status are still significant, but many professionals are now starting to lean towards family, fulfillment, and excitement in their workplaces.

4) Find a Mentor

Although you can still decide on your own and be fine, having someone that has been in your shoes can prove very helpful.

Get a mentor with practical experience in changing career paths and speak to them. You will be forced to answer questions even you didn’t know existed. Furthermore, such a mentor is the perfect way of seeing how idealistic your plans are

5) Make a Trade

If you could swap places with any of your friends, who would it be? Once you’ve narrowed that (or the closest) down, don’t be shy about approaching them.

Ask questions about their industry, not leaving anything out. You don’t want to base your choices on a fairy tale you’re having about the industry. Get down, and get real.

6 Make Future Plans

You have been on the job for a while, so we expect you to know how things run already. Instead of seeing this new career path as an end, see it as a means.

Identify how you want it to be a stepping stone too. That might look like preparing for too much, but will help you stay focused and driven. As someone once said, “see your career as a marathon, not a sprint.”

It is okay to fear a change in career path. However, instead of letting that fear stop you, let it drive you to conquer it in the end.

If you’ve ever had a change in career path, or you are willing to go for one, share with the community. We might pick up one or two things from you, or have some more golden nuggets tailored to your needs.

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