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Why You Should Get an Internship as a College Freshman

If you have ever tried to look for an internship as a college freshman, you will notice that not a lot of companies are forthcoming. They are not usually willing to accept someone who may not have a specific field of specialty. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t seek out an internship has a freshman. Here are some reasons why we believe you should pick up a summer internship as a college freshman.

1. Helps in Decision-Making

During your college freshman year, you may still be indecisive about a field of study because you are unfamiliar with the direction it will take you. An internship during the summer will give you hands-on experience in a field you may have some interest to pursue. If you are seeking out a certain field of study, an internship in that field may help you make a better decision on whether to continue to pursue it or drop it. It is not uncommon for young people to have fantasies about their dream careers while going into it. Having work experience will give you a real taste of that field and help to determine if that major still look interesting.

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2. Your Learning Path

After your internship as a college freshman, you will have more information on what you should focus on studying in school. You will see a good number of students combining courses and majors, all because they don’t know what they need to get where they want. After your internship, there is no doubt that you will be able to map out the skills you need. From there, you get to prepare better and study smarter.

3. Experience

The experience of your internship as a college freshman will look good on your future placement and job applications. At the time when you will be fighting off competition from your classmates in the second and third year of your study, your previous experience will give you a boost. A hiring manager is sure to recognize your drive to get an internship right from the first year.

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4. Self-Development

There will be skills and knowledge you will pick up in the course of your internship that will help in shaping the rest of your life. Your new experiences and encounters will reform your opinions, outlook towards life, and approach to things. Take the time to do some reflection of how you’ve changed and grown as an individual.

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