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Jump Recruits creates the ultimate competitive advantage for businesses in today’s world - a diverse talent hub that connects qualified professionals with forward thinking companies to build the community your business needs. Because when community thrives, growth drives.

Jump Recruits is proud to have helped candidates secure jobs with great companies

One easy-to-use platform that gets RESULTS from your diversity recruitment efforts

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Hiring more diverse talent first starts with getting more representation in your funnel.

Speak to talent in a way that connects with them on an emotional level.

Every search will deliver candidates from a community where members identify as ethnically diverse.

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With your employer profile, you will allow candidates to come into your world through photos and videos to get a realistic picture of what working with your team looks like.

Our full search capabilities provides your team with the power to find the perfect candidate.

Our recruiter dashboard places everything you need to source talent at your fingertips.

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What's The Word On Jump

Jump was very knowledgeable and gave clear initial goals based on each persons career aspirations.

I would highly recommend Jump Recruits. Not only is the platform directly providing job opportunities, but there is also guidance available on the website so that there is a holistic service being provided to you.

JUMP Recruits gave me strong insight and tips for my interview preparation so I could present myself in the best possible manner.

Meet the ceo

When you don’t have a seat at the table, you build your own table. With over a decade of corporate recruitment and human resources experience, the founder and CEO of Jump Recruits, Cedric Chambers, thought just that.

Realizing the gap ethnically diverse talent face when striving to build successful careers, Jump Recruits was born. With research that demonstrates the direct correlation between growing companies and inclusively diverse work environments, it’s imperative to utilize our full service talent management platform.




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The way to scale diverse talent is through community building. Jump is your community, here to build your business, your community, your culture.
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