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Free Trial Launch Press Release

Jump Recruits is excited to share the release of their most enhanced diversity recruitment talent

hub. Building upon existing features, JUMP’s team has made creating custom pipelines for

individuals and businesses alike seamless; and beyond identifying candidates and career

opportunities, this talent hub acts as an incredible community. A community to share career

development tools, a community to help implement a more inclusive workspace, and a

community to understand evolving business capabilities.

When JUMP’s CEO, Cedric Chambers, founded Jump Recruits, it was on the premise that

every ethnically diverse person deserves the opportunity to have a successful career. The

diversity recruitment talent hub has been created to support this mission and take it a step

further, with the understanding that training, support, and professional advice are ongoing

building blocks for a community, and culture, to truly thrive.

From the technical product side, JUMP’s latest platform gives people the ability to create their

own profile, identify current opportunities that may be a fit, notify businesses that they’re

interested in the company without seeing an open role, as well as utilize the range of training,

support, and career tools available. For businesses, teams can intelligently source for talent

using our built-in AI Search, post upcoming events for RSVPs, connect one-on-one with

candidates via messages, and communicate internally with other recruiters regarding the

hiring/interview process within its intuitive talent hub. From a branding standpoint, businesses

can create video messages and testimonials to truly capture the essence of their workplace,

culture, and business needs. Ultimately, increasing top of funnel representation in conjunction

with a ton of enhanced communication features, makes this platform a win-win for any and all

recruitment teams and professional individuals looking to be a part of a more inclusive and

equitable work environment.

With this latest roll-out of JUMP’s talent hub, there is a time-sensitive chance for businesses and

individuals interested in giving it a virtual ride – a free trial sign-up that could take you straight

into…dare we say it? 2022!

Check out to sign up for a profile today and explore the last

diversity recruitment platform that you will ever need.

For more information, please contact:

Cedric Chambers

Phone: (470) 564-8977

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