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Career Change at 30: 5 Tips to Make it Happen

Career Change at 30: 5 Helpful Tips to Make it Happen

Most people will tell you that making a career change at 30 years old is as hard. The good news is, we are not most people.

When professionals start approaching their 30’s, they typically have been in the workforce for enough time to gain valuable experience. However, this is also usually a time of reflection that leads most people to discover what they really want – a job in another field, long-term satisfaction over material gains, something more in line with their skills, etc.

If you have decided it is time to change your career, we might just have some tips to help assist you with your decision. Let’s see how you can make a smooth transition at 30 years of age (or older).


1. Lose the Mindset

Can you change your career after age 30? Yes, you can!

The first thing you will need to do is change the mindset that you can’t. You are just getting started in the workforce and if anything, this is the time when it’s most possible to switch careers. Consider the fact that most people work until they are age 65 – the difference is the number of years you still have ahead of you.


2. Re-branding

Now that you will be leaving one industrial setting for another, it is time to reflect that change in your personal brandingYou should start by working towards acquiring the soft and hard skills needed for your new career. Don’t forget to rewrite and update your Resume/CV to reflect your skills as applicable to your career of choice.


3. Plan your finances

Expect that you will likely start at an entry-level position–with an entry-level salary–when you first begin your new career.  Additionally, at the age of 30, you have probably already incurred some financial commitments. Thus, it is advisable to establish a savings plan prior to making that switch. This includes establishing a budget for you and your family.


4. Research

It is easy to find inspiration from internet millionaires when they say things like ‘find your passion and follow it.’ We are not against that but don’t forget to properly research where your passion can be most rewarding. Look at the available offers. Get out there and see if there is a demand for your dream job and what the salary is for your location. That will better inform your decisions.


5. Patience

If you want to make a successful change of careers at 30 – or any other time in life for that matter – patience is key. Sometimes, you could be required to start at an entry-level position that would require about 2 – 3 years experience before progressing up the ladder. For many, that may not be worth the risk. What they don’t know is that with commitment, time will fly. You will have more years to build a solid career and enjoy the fruits of your labor only if you have the patience to commit.

As a bonus, don’t underestimate the power of networking. Attend job fairs, build your LinkedIn profile, and keep developing yourself. That opportunity is just around the corner for you.

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