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5 Tips For a Great Internship

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Anyone can write a CV, but only someone with quality work experience can write a quality CV. As a college graduate, it can sound redundant that someone wants you to have had a work experience related to your career path already.

However, that is what will make you stand out from the crowd in the eyes of recruiters. To ensure that you are not left out in the labor market, we have detailed how to find an internship you’ll find most valuable for your career ggrowth and progress.

Before you go all out and apply for an internship with a company, make sure you put some things into consideration. Some of those things are


How to Find an Internship

1. Research Your Dream Company

Everyone has a dream company. Even if you are an entrepreneur at heart, there is still one company whose ideas you value. When you’ve identified them, dig into them to see if they offer internship programs.

If they don’t have such information listed on their website, send them a mail/ message instead. State your willingness to learn, and make sure you leave appropriate contact information for when the company wants to reach you.

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2. Ask Around Those You Know

A lot of people overlook their primary connections when looking for internships. What they don’t know is that the people they know (friends, family, coaches, teachers, etc.) may know someone who knows someone in the kind of industry they want to intern in.

With such a connection established, it should be easier for you to get your slot in that industry.


3. Apply to Job Boards

Job boards are not only important for those seeking a full-time, paid employment. Internship slots are also advertised on job boards like Jump Recruits, so you will be doing yourself a great deal of good by looking at them.

Even if the position of an intern is not open, check if they have a vacancy for a job that is in line with your career. That means you can apply to be an intern and train under an industry professional in such a position

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4. Look for Top Internship Websites

There are some websites which serve the sole aim of informing students/ graduates about the possibility of an internship with a firm. They are like job boards, only that they are for interns.

Some of such websites that we can recommend are Intern Match, Idealist, Media Bistro, Indeed, and Experience, to mention but a few.


5. Use Your Resources

Odds are, your college has some resources in place to help put students in suitable internship programs. These college career centers are part of what your tuition covers. Using them is making judicious and wise use of your money, and working smart too.

Get in touch with one of such centers today while pursuing other avenues.


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